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If you've landed on my blog before, you're probably also interested in who is writing here and who I am.


I'm Beatrice Degenhart, 39 years old and have lived in Cologne for almost 12 years.  

I was born in beautiful Nuremberg; After a few stops in Switzerland, England, Hanover and Munich, I ended up in Cologne and I feel very comfortable here. Cologne is not necessarily the most beautiful city in the world, but Cologne is a feeling and I love that feeling.


I live with my dog Nala, whom I rescued from a Romanian shelter, and my partner in downtown Cologne.

Besides my passion for gardening and my dogs, I enjoy spending time with my friends, I love tidying up and redesigning my apartment. Just lying on the couch is not my thing. I prefer to be active.


My texts probably still seem a bit bumpy, but that's probably because I didn't write so much on my old blog (which I accidentally deleted) and that I feel much more comfortable talking in front of the camera than writing. That's why I've probably told more and more about my garden in the stories on Instagram.

But challenges are there to be mastered. So I'll try to write myself in it and not just talk :-)


I've always had a great love and passion for gardens, plants and everything green.

By chance I got an allotment 4 years ago and there I acquired "a lot" (what is a lot and what is little?) Knowledge about mixed cultures, cultivation of plants, etc. in a short time. Working in the garden makes me content and happy. It's so nice to see a result of your work at the end of the day and to drive home completely filthy. Completely dirty? Yes, I love to dig in the earth, to pull roots and I don't care what I look like afterwards.

Unfortunately, I had to give up the garden in August 2019 for private reasons.  

At first I wanted to apply directly for a new garden, but then I let go of the topic and thought to myself that if I let go of it it will surely come to me sooner than if I search meticulously for it.


And so it has now come about and I am very happy to be able to design and accompany the project garden in cooperation with Spoga + Gafa for this year's main theme "Sustainable Gardens". This is probably the most exciting project I've ever done.


I am happy if you can take something with you from my posts and I am curious to see what will develop from this young blog.


All the best,




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